Intuitive Astrology Reading (1 hour)
What do you need? What inspired you to schedule a session? What are the key themes and events happening in your life right now? Before we even meet, I like to ask these questions. Although, I also have clients who want more of a general read before they give me that type of information. However, if you are going through a major break-up or transition, it is more beneficial to know this upfront to use your time wisely. I'll offer insight, guidance and counsel to make the best possible choices for your highest good. We can look at your chart and identify any psychological or behavioral patterns that may be playing out in the present situation, and then discuss ways to breakthrough unhealthy patterns. A session includes a look at your astrological information, an intuitive reading, energy work, and mediumship to contact loved ones in spirit. I remain open to whatever ways in which to deliver the most pertinent information.


Intuitive Astrology Follow-up Reading (30 mins)


Healing Session (1 hour)
This session clears energy on all dimensions, including your past, or the memory stored in your DNA. I use the modalities of Reiki and Pranic Healing, along with an intuitive read to provide information about any emotional or spiritual stuckness that may be manifesting physical symptoms. As an empath and healer, I can also access information about your physical body, including wounds or ailments.


Group Reading (4 hours)
If you are looking for a truly unique way to entertain and inspire guests at your next gathering, consider having an astrology party! For four hours, I will meet with your guests either one-on-one or with the whole group. I use astrology and intuitive reading for the parties, and I will work with you as the host to make sure your guests have a wonderful time and leave with a better understanding of themselves and where they are going next.



Project Consultation (hourly)
Enjoy integrating my professional marketing and fundraising background with my astrological skills, to consult both large organizations and small businesses about the direction of the company. I use astrological information about the organization and its principals and look thoroughly at issues from HR concerns to timing of marketing plans and strategies. I am also available as a consultant for design and marketing needs in addition to offering an astrological read.

  • Human resources decisions
  • Branding and identity based on the company's astrological chart
  • Marketing initiatives based on ideal timing of events
  • Business partnerships
  • Business investments
  • Technological decisions
  • Critical information regarding the sustainability of the company
  • Ideal times during which to launch a business
  • Social media strategies
  • Nonprofit fundraising
  • Grassroots initiatives



Do I really need the exact birth time?

Yes, if it is at all possible. The exact birth time allows the astrology chart to be much more detailed and specific especially as it relates to areas of your life, like work, relationship, finances, etc. Because of my intuitive abilities I am willing to do readings without the birthtime, and will also look at the charts of people you know without the time to understand what you need to know as it relates to key relationships. For more information on obtaining your birth certificate go to the Steven Forrest website. There you will find state by state information on how to get a copy of your birth certificate.


How often should I get a reading?

It depends on the type of reading. It’s best not to ask the same questions over and over. The answers dilute and are not as accurate. You can get different astrology readings about different areas of life, going into depth in each one, or getting the perspective from different types of astrologers. Many people see me regularly, including weekly scheduled sessions. In this case we begin each session with current questions, either topical matters or issues from the past that have risen to consciousness to understand more deeply. Then we process, heal and integrate the energy. As long as you are open to going deeper and understanding your life in a more spiritual way, then we can do regular sessions. Trust your intuition to tell you how often to set up appointments.


What should I do to get ready for the session?

Spend a little time thinking about what you want to ask about. Some people set up a list where they write things down when they pop into their head. Sometimes there’s a sense that your Spirit guides are helping you get ready, reminding you of issues you would like to question or heal.